About Us

We are Jonas, Simon, Felix, and Marcus (aka Rip, Dip, Menox, and Mackmack), four friends who love to play casino slots and have a great time. In our stream, you will find a great place and have a good time while watching us playing slots and win or… in a bad day lose. One thing is for sure, no matter if we win or lose during our stream, we will have a good time, laugh, and have fun, cause that is what matters at the end of the day.

Jonas (Rip) in Left and Simon (Dip) in Right, playing Book Of Dead

Once you start watching us, you will see what a great community we have and how everyone is nice in chat. As with all twitch streams, some trolls will try to infiltrate and try to ruin the mood, but those things don't work on our channel and everyone continues to watch the stream and have fun.

With a great team and great mods, our channel is a great place for everyone who loves gambling, slots, and having a great time relaxing at the end of the day.


Jonas aka Rip, Simon aka Dip, Felix aka Menox, and Marcus aka Mackmack

Channel Mods:

breston11, dogjesus96, hobbmeister, illbuythat4adollar_, isalauri, jubetti, k1cks, lilly_starburst, mackmack, men0xx, misterrip, paraalyyze, ringmeister, rollyroland

Channel VIPs:

ajaxxish, anthonytrolluk, asnar, av1r0n, brunoadhd, canceldota, carlsberg1994, chefen371, classybeef, dan_pragmatic, darbelios, denissvensson, dneelle, doomkiller1996, eddieboi, empa85a, europrinter, evvieme, flawwe, forsengolf, gumman28, habyhasse, haragoo, harrisssson, hedmano1, iskoldtyr, jack__the__ripper, jahansvensson86, jonesy0046, kau___, jungobbe, landinjohan, larsson_lish, loz_0, magg4n, makan199, mardod, marren123, martinfromuk, mr_pontus, nonameatall123, not_nuno, nr1simmelele, nyhlen1, olo8282, shiro_akui, simmelele, sirbaulieng, smilealways79, snapcaller, snapcroc, spoozen, sskygamess, tattychef, thehashtagjustin, tilit_, tilttommyplayngo, trondbern, tulpanen123, twitchyuazz, valicanos, vanishiny, wickedflick, xskippyxx, yossipragmaticplay, zetejpbollen

Channel MVPs:

YOU, THE VIEWERS! Everything we do is because cool viewers like you are watching us and supporting us. We thank you for that and we are really grateful we can entertain you and do this every day.

Check out our stream: https://www.twitch.tv/rnpcasino