Big Win on Steam Tower Slot

A great big win that Simon had on Steam Tower slot from NetEnt. He managed to get to the top and had some really nice connections on high multipliers on a 7.5 euro bet size. We all know that Steam Tower slot is one of the most popular slots from NetEnt, and that is mainly because it bonuses really often and it had a big potential once you get up to the 7x multiplier during the free spins. Simon was lucky and got a really great bonus round on this slot, managing to go up to the 7x multiplier and also winning 100x the bet size for reaching the top level. Some nice connections on a high multiplier with good symbols gave him some big wins to end up on a 4300 euros win on a 7.5 euro bet size. A really great big win on Steam Tower slot where you can really see the big wins potential for this game.