Big Win on Zipper Slot

Dip had a really great big win on Zipper slot from Merkur during a long free spins bonus on it. After trying multiple Merkur slots, Zipper was the one that paid the most and here is the big win. Rip and Dip started to play Merkur slots, since they were unlucky on other games, and they had some insane luck by playing them. They had a lot of 100x wins and multiple free spins bonuses on the, but they are really volatile so they didn't had a huge win. After Rip left, Dip continued to play them and entered a slot called Zipper. He managed to get the free spins and managed to get a total of 32 free spins in the bonus. Everything was a normal bonus until spin 29, where he almost had a full screen wilds that gave him a boost in wins to recover the dead spins. He managed to win a total of 2882 euros on a 4 euro bet size, which is a pretty nice big win on slots.