€20 Bet Free Spins Bonus on Fruit Party

Check out how lucky mackmack was when he did some spins on a €20 bet size and got the free spins on Fruit Party slot from Pragmatic Play. He ended up with a really nice big win and a great balance. After he did a few bonus buys, mackmack decided to start doing some base game spins on Fruit Party with a high bet size of €20 per spin. He was really lucky to hit the free spins and also to get retrigger on such a great big bet. It was late and he couldn't scream as hard as he would have when he saw the connections and how much the bonus paid, but you can see him hyping up from the moment the free spins landed. Even though the x multiplier of the bet size for this big win is not that high, the total win of almost €5000 is a big number to see when he ended the free spins. The potential on Fruit Party slot is insane and if you connect with a lot of premium symbols with some multipliers, you can be sure it will be a jackpot hit.