Germany New Legislation For Online Casino Gambling


Federal states from Germany reached on an agreement to permit online casinos with a transition period before the new gambling regulation will be effective, in July 2021.

The transition period will start from October 15 and it will have a great impact on the German gambling market. Casinos and players will both be affected by these new changes.

Online casinos that are currently operating in the german market will have to implement steps set out by the German legislatiors to provide player protection guidelines and measures to lower gambling addiction.

Starting from October 15th, online slots will have a €1 per spin bet limit and online table games such as roulette or blackjack and live casino games such as Crazy Time or Monopoly Live will not be permitted for German players.

A €1000 monthly spending limit will be applied for all players but this limit might be increased by operators, up to €10.000, if they will receive a request from the players. If the limit will be increased, the players will have a special loss limit capped at 20% of the spent amount.

Casinos will be allowed to increase the spending cap to some of their high rollers, up to €10.000 and €30.000, for up to 1% of their total registered players. These players must be over 21 years old and must be subdued to enhanced due diligence and subsequent monitoring by the operators.

Demo versions of the games will no longer be allowed on casinos and advertisement of the casinos will not be allowed with a temporary license. So until 2021, when the new Germany casino license will be available for casinos, the advertisement will be impossible.

Operators that will not follow these rules or breach any of the terms, will have their temporary license removed and most probably be blocked from obtaining a Germany casino license next year.