How To Play Online Slots – Online Casino Information

One of the favorite online activities for gambling enthusiasts is to play slots. Since the release of first online casinos, slots were the main attraction to such websites and people instantly liked them more than regular land based casino slots. The reason why slots are so popular these days, is because players have such a vast collection of providers and new games coming out almost every week, while at the land based casinos you usually find the same games all the time.

Playing Slots At Online Casinos

Starting to play slots online is actually not that hard and if you ever played such games in your life, even once, you will instantly understand all the process and how to find/play at online casinos. The majority of online casinos also have a free demo play version, so you can test a slot out without placing any real money in it and see if you like it or not before you will try it with real funds. Since there are a lot of online slots available, new players usually have a hard time finding and deciding on what game should they play on. This is where the popular slots are coming into play. Most online casinos have a separate category only for this reason, to show new gamblers which are the most popular slots on their casino, this way it is easier to start playing and testing out new games and have more fun.

When starting to play a slot game for the fist time, it is best to check the information table from the slot. This is usually shown by clicking or tapping on the (i) button or in the setting many from the slot. There you will see how much full lines pay, what bonus features there are available, how many lines are active in the game, and all the other information about the game. After you have done that, the next step is to pick your desired bet size to play with.

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Some slots have separate Levels and Coin Sizes for the bet size so there will be more easy for the player to choose a different amount of money they want to play with. Always check under the slot or where it shows the Total Bet, since you might get confused sometimes and think the Coin Size is the total bet. After you are sure that you selected your preferred bet size, the next and last step is to press the spin button and see if you are lucky and win on the game you selected.

RTP on Slots

Online slots have a higher RTP compared to land based slots, this is also a reason why players decide to play more online games and leave the land based ones just for special events or treat them as a separate form of entertainment. The usual RTP for online slots is around 93-96%, wich means that on the long run the slot will give back 95-96% of the money that is put in it. Of course, RTP will not affect normal players and you can't judge a slot just because it has a lower RTP shown. This percentage is a theoretical one resulted after millions and even billions of spins made by the providers before the slot releases.

The RTP is a number more important to casinos and providers to know how much the game will pay out after millions of spins done on it by players. Each spin has a different RTP, since RTP meas Return To Player.

For example if you bet 10 euros on a spin and you don't receive anything back, that is a 0% RTP. If you bet 10 euros on a spin and get a 1000x win, meaning 10.000 euros, that is a 10000% RTP for that spin. The RTP will never mean that normal players will receive back the percentage shown on the slot, it just means that the slot was tested and that was the resulted RTP after millions of spins.

Players should never expect a high RTP to pay more than a lower RTP slot, it's all about luck at the end. If you are lucky you can get a huge win on the first spin even on a low RTP slot machine and if you are unlucky you can have multiple deadspins on a high RTP slot machine.

Free Spins Features

Online slots usually have free spins features and other sort of bonuses that players can trigger while playing the game. Majority of these free spins are triggered by landing 3 or more scatter symbols or in the case of a random feature, just a lucky spin. During the free spins or the bonus rounds, players have a chance to win big, that is why the maximum win of a slot is usually found in these features. Almost each slot has a different feature or free spins, that is why players have their favorite game and usually play that one more than other games.

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Megaways vs Normal Slots

Megaways slots are the invention of a slot providers called Big Time Gaming and it is one of the most played types of slots at online casinos. Lately BTG started selling a license for Megaways, so more and more slot providers started to release new games with Megaways. These slots have a really high potential for big wins and usually a maximum of 117,649 ways to win. Normal slots usually have 10 or 20 pay lines, but connecting a full line on these ones will have a higher payout than on Megaways slots.

The reason why Megaways slots are so popular is the bonus features, which usually have a multiplier for the win. For example, on Bonanza (which is still the most popular one), triggering the bonus will reward players with free spins and increasing multiplier on each connection. So if you get 3 connections on the first spin, the multiplier will go up to 4x, get another connection and it will be 5x and so on. This multiplier and a high maximum number of lines of 117,649 can reward players with insane wins. These slots usually have over 50.000x the bet size maximum win potential and normal classic slots usually have a 5000x maximum win potential.


Slots With Jackpot Features

If you are searching for slots that can give out that Jackpot hit everyone dreams of, you can find these types of slots at online casinos two. Made popular by the slots from Las Vegas, where players can win hundreds of thousand of dollars or even millions of dollars by playing slots and hitting that spin button at the perfect time, Jackpot slots online can have even bigger prizes for winners than the land based ones from Las Vegas. One of the most popular Jackpot slots is Mega Moolah, where the record win was $21.5 million with a $6.80 bet size. This win ended up to be added in the Guiness World Record book for the biggest win at an online jackpot slot. 

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There are more jackpot slots and each one has different type of wins or levels that players can win. Some have 4 Jackpots, the Mini, Minor, Major and Mega Jackpots being the most popular used by slot providers. To trigger one of these, players often enter a bonus round where they spin a wheel or enter a picking bonus and hope to get the biggest jackpot win. 



At the end it's all about preferences, some players might have more fun playing old school fruit slots and others can have more fun playing new releases. The most important thing next to the maximum win potential is to have fun and enjoy your time playing slots.