Mega Big Win on Crazy Time (Pachinko)

Check out our record win on Crazy Time , with a max bet size and a 2x on Pachinko. It all happened during our 1 year anniversary stream and nobody expected it to become one of our biggest wins. The 1 year anniversary stream was full with surprises, some small wins and some big bet play, but this win from Crazy Time is one of the biggest wins we ever had and because it happened right before the end of the celebration stream, it was the best way ever to end a stream. Rip, Dip, Mackmack and our guests Flawwe and Spoozen had an amazing stream and they were insanely lucky to hit this huge big win on Crazy Time with the Pachinko feature on 2x, with a maximum bet size on it and landing 2 times double in the Pachinko feature before hitting the 160x win which was a total win of 37000 euros. A mega win on a great casino game, Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming.