Nice Big Win on Crazy Time Pachinko Live Casino Game

When Dip decided to play some Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming, nobody expected him to win so much, but when Dip is lucky… he is really lucky and he gets some really nice big wins on everything. Crazy Time is one of the most popular live casino games in 2020 and you can clearly see why. With so many bonus rounds on the wheel, you can get some really nice big wins on it if you are lucky. Dip decided to do a big bet round and he placed a total of 630 euros bet, leaving him with only 2 more bets before the balance was gone., but then this big win happened. With a 130 euro bet on Pachinko bonus, the biggest bet from all for this round, he managed to hit the bonus hitting a Double and then a 60x which gave him a total win of 7930 euros. Not a big multiplier win, but a really great balance booster and the first really big win we had on Crazy Time casino game.